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Check the tracks if the door does not close all the way

The pros of our garage door repair company in Sun City Center explain that obstruction of one or both of the tracks is the most common cause of this problem. Dirt or pebbles which are stuck inside have to be removed when the door is fully open and the opener is disengaged.

Provide detailed garage door spring inspection

You have to get on a ladder and inspect the spring for wear and tear, rust, and signs of damage. It can be cleaned with a solvent and lubricated slightly, if needed. In case of a problem, you must not attempt to repair since the spring is under great tension and can cause serious injury.

When replacing the hinges, rollers might have to be replaced

Even when you have not encountered problems with your garage door rollers yet, it is a sound decision also having them replaced when you have hinge repair or replacement. This is because these two garage door parts have almost the same expected useful life. Sooner or later you will have to replace the other when a problem arises in one.

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