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Garage Door Openers
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There have been a large number of regulatory changes towards garage door openers in recent years. This is all due to their importance for safety. They can cause a lot of damage to health as well as belongings if handled incorrectly or out of control. On the other hand, they have seen a huge increase in popularity in the past couple of decades because of the amazing service they provide to car owners. It has therefore become one of the most researched areas and brings all the newest technologies to consumers.

Genie Openers

Garage Door Openers in FloridaOne of the most famous companies involved in the business is Genie. They provide the modern approach in the business. In 2011 Genie introduced its newest opening system named Intellicode 2 with a remote. It has seen huge success and is one of the most used services by Genie today. Our company provides full package of repair for this and many other companies’ products.

Noise in the Openers

There are 3 major types of garage door openers: belt, screw and chain drive. Chain drive openers are the noisiest of all when they are intact. However, screw based doors could become just as noisy after years of service. The belt drive is definitely the quietest of the bunch, meaning that any noise coming from it might be indicative of a need for major repair. Usually, having a noisy garage door is most annoying for the family members that don’t have to get up early, but are woken up by its sound.

Is it Safe?

As a part of the home that can exert deadly forces, it is extremely important that the garage doors and its openers are first installed correctly and then maintained in best conditions. The header bracket, holding the front of the opener track and the header wall together, has to be securely attached to the garage wall. Otherwise, the opener might not be able to reverse the door during an emergency. This is the main reason why the federal law requires the openers to have secondary safety reversing systems.

We can help you avoid trouble

If you ever have a problem about the security of the openers, our company is always ready to help. Our professionals’ have all the modern tools to help them deal with your troubles. Most importantly, they have a lot of experience in solving similar problems. So don’t hesitate to call or send us a message if such a situation arises!

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